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About Me

My name is Peter Herndon, and I currently work for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as both a Linux systems administrator and developer. I am also co-founder of Saaspire, LLC, where I am currently serving as a strategic advisor rather than taking an operational role. I will be expanding this section later.

About the Site

I had originally intended to build yet another Django-based blog engine, incorporating all sorts of niceties from the improvements in both Django itself and various third-party apps. I'd even written the whole thing, it worked pretty well. Along the way, though, I realized that I didn't want the hassle of maintaining the necessary infrastructure -- database, dynamic web app, comment moderation, etc. -- and also wanted to be able to write blog post drafts without being connected to the server. I wanted to be able to draft posts while not online. The end result is what you see, a Blogofile blog without comments. Simple and easy to maintain. My blog's git repository is kept on Github.

My compliments to both Rich Leland's evaluation of static site generators, and to Mike Bayer's article on modifying Blogofile. Both articles informed my choice of generator engine.