Rebooting the Blog

I’m restarting blogging. I’ve missed writing, and while I’ve been tweeting @tpherndon, that is no substitute for proper long-form writing. No room for depth or creativity.

As my About page mentions, I’m switching from Django to Blogofile, and thus from a dynamic web application to a static site generator. The entertaining part is that I’d already written the Django app and gotten it spot-on perfect when I decided to scrap the whole thing and start over with Blogofile.

My reasons for doing so are straight-forward enough. I don’t really want to be responsible for maintaining the security of a web site. That’s the reason I took down the original Django-based blog on this site. Django popped a major security update, and I found myself faced with a need to rewrite the blog engine to work with the latest version of Django. I hadn’t posted in a year or so at that point, and at the time I had neither the available time nor desire to write, so I simply shut down the blog. With Blogofile, I’m not running a database or a web app. I’m just running a standard web server serving static files.

Blogofile also gives me the ability to write on any computer, and allows me to write while offline, given I’ve pulled down a recent copy of the blog repository from Github.

I’m looking forward to writing now. It has been a while, so I’ve built up some steam.